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About Us


We're here because we love what we do!

Humboldt County's Cider Company!

We started our adventure in creating Humboldt Cider Company in late 2013... 

Our first pressing was in August of 2014.

We had a successful Kickstarter campaign- raising money to open our Cider Garden!

The Cider Garden opened at Redwood Acres Fairgrounds February 14th, 2015!

As word got out our production started to increase and we began selling to different bars and restaurants around town.

As time progressed we decided to expand and open a Tap Room downtown - March 17th 2017.

We partnered with West County Beverage in late 2020 to distribute to our Bay Area Account.

In 2020 we started the process of expansion and the long task of creating our Hubbard Location


April 20, 2021 We signed with Humboldt Beer Distributors to take on our outlying Accounts in the Humboldt Area with a few select stores in town as well.


We love cider, and we figured other people do, too. So, why not give people something crisp and delicious. We're Humboldt Cider Company and we're here to bring you a cider you want to keep drinking!

Darren Cartledge Co-Founder & Cider Maker-

Hey! I'm Darren and I’ve been in Humboldt since 2010. I moved to Humboldt to raise my son. Before Humboldt I was a private and commercial yacht captain and then made a drastic move into the growing craft beer world. I started The Local Beer Bar in Eureka in 2012, Humboldt's first specialty craft beer bar, and loved every minute of it. My wife and I have since opened The Local Cider Bar (2015), CA's second specialty craft cider bar! I enjoy crafting cider and I have had the opportunity to share this experience with my son, and now my daughter and younger son as well. 

Michelle Cartledge  Co-Founder Accounts Receivable/ Marketing -

I'm originally from San Diego and I've been in Humboldt Since 2008. I moved up here to attend Humboldt State University, where I received a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in management. While attending college, I kind of made my way into the beer scene, bartending at awesome beer joints around town like Redwood Curtain Brewing Company in Arcata and The Local Beer Bar in Eureka. I met my husband and step-son and have been enjoying this crazy ride ever since. Our family grew in 2016 with a cute little girl :) and another bundle of joy, our second son, in 2018. I really enjoy cider and after bartending and serving some of California's most critical beer and cider enthusiasts, I knew that I was not the only one. 

Jamie Ashdon Co-Founder & Production - 

Hi my name is Jamie. I also moved to Humboldt in 2008 from the Seattle, WA area with my wife, Jen, and son, Kaleb. We live on a small farm where we raise cows, goats, pigs and chickens and we also grow a ton of fresh fruits and veggies. In 2011 I started my first Humboldt business with my buddy, Josh. We were both tired of buying our brewing supplies and equipment online so we launched Humboldt Beer Works. We were the only homebrew shop in Humboldt and was a wonderful experience to be able to meet the needs of local homebrewers, cider makers, wine makers, mead makers and cheese makers. I've been making beer and cider at home for about 14 years. I love cider because I can go out and pick my own apples and have hands-on the raw ingredients from the very beginning of the process. In many ways hard cider is the purest expression of the more subtle characteristics of the apple. Most apples are grown for their high sugar content and flavor while the acid and tannins take a back seat. But when you ferment out all or most of the sugar, those other characteristics are allowed to shine through. Thanks for reading!

Tom Hart  Co-Owner & Sales/ Accounts/ Orchards   -

Hey guys! My name is Tom and I became part of this wonderful company in 2015. Originally from the Midwest, I grew up in Glenview, IL and graduated with degrees in Modern Chinese History and Political Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After spending several years in the Chicago corporate world, I decided to try a new path in life and moved to Humboldt County in 2011. I immediately fell in love with the area and a one-month stay has now turned into ..... what year is it??? I met my wife in Humboldt County and we now have two wonderful, energetic little boys. I never would have imagined myself in the cider world, but was very fortunate to meet Darren, Michelle, and Jamie and discover my passion in life: apples! I hope you enjoy our product as much as I do. Cheers!

Cider Garden Soft Opening 2015
Signing with Humboldt Beer 4.20.21.JPG
Kick Starter Campaign
October 2021 we officially moved into our new production facility on Hubbard Lane.
January 2022 we launched a new self distribution market in San Diego!
July 2022 we signed with Eagle distribution to distribute in Lake and Mendocino counties.
October 2022 we expanded our territory with Eagle to cover Marin, and Sonoma counties.

...What's coming next...

We Are All About You!

We just wanted to thank everyone who took the time and energy to support us in our endeavor. You helped us create something amazing (from the very beginning)! 

In 2014 we ran a successful kickstarter campaign and raised $37,821 in 45 days with the help from our community, family, friends, and people we have yet to meet. In raising this money from so many generous folks we were able to open our Cider Garden a few months later.

Ipswich Friends of HCC, Cher-Ae-Heights Casino, Rachel R. Rodriguez, Steph Ritz, Ruth Brown, Behrens and Newland Family, Erika Morales, Ruben and Debbie Morales/ Morales Tile, Chris J. Nichols, Eddie Morgan and Sue McIntyre, Jim & Suni Killfoil, Tim, Jill, Della and Jackie from Chicago, Mary and Doug Gamble, Gary Frank, Casey and Varpu Mares, Terri Vroman little & Bryan Little, AJ Gonzales, Amanda Lohr, Brennan & Shannon, Stephen & Cené Bryant, Jonathan Ward, Winter Faulk, Will and Julie Symons, Jay Fazio, Danali Karis, Jim and Tamara Hubbard, Dave Hayes & Dee Dee Frye, Sara Walker, GREY Family, Cypress Grove Chevre, Chrissy Gierek, Nicole Schiller, Ian & Katie Steed, Dan & Dana Vit, Serin, Will, and Zariah, Casey Russo, Patrik Griego, Jerry Hoogeveen, Nate &, Dallass Downey, Geoff Brand, Tom Hart, Rick Gierek, Cene Salsedo Bryant, Sheriff Mike and Annette Downey, Jen McFerrin, Nicole Stephens, Donna George, Sheri Woo and Bill Trush, Shanti Zarcufsky, Bill Wenger, Kristina Culbertson, Six Rivers Brewery, David Stacey and Dakota Hamilton, C.D. and Catherine Hoyle, JanaLee Janzen, Robert Pollard, Justin Whitaker, Pam Dubaldi and Freckles, Sue Coulter, Dave Sandomeno, Leigh Higgins, Bert and Sarah Bartlett, Chris Schinke, Jameson Collins, Emma Williams, John G. Smith (HSU Drinking crew), Hannah Crabb, Shelly Smith, Amy Cloninger, Heather Miller & Garret Root, Adhelene P., Tim Excell, Connie Heine, Jessica Morales, Chris Brimley, Bill Funkhouser, Brit & Gretchen O'Brien, Michael Kraft, John R. Wood, Alyssa Rempel, Dan Bernstein, Sophia and Bob Mitchell, Becki Greta, Carolyn Ayres, Lin Glen, Jessica Snow and Dan Schlachter, Rob Bertholf, Sara Stradley, Diqui LaPenta, WILLIAM MITCHELL, Tim Williamson, The McVicker, Tyler Hooker, Rachael & Chad Trump, Jennifer Camacho and Brian Nolen, Jan Hawkes, Angelo Bacigaluppi, Yolanda Spring Rain Walker, Carrie Bosworth, Clint Rebik, Paul Heise, Brad Gottesman, Mike Brownell, David MacCuish, Travis Rogers, Anna Marie Tomasini, Alder Bay Assisted Living, Rachel Watson, Ari Chandler, Mary Troth, The Ellisons, Third Eye Sculpture Works, Peter Hewson, The Bruces, It's Alive Kombucha, Jesseca and Matt, Shirley & Peter Santino, Lawrence Cox, Terri Chandler, Morgan Creech & David Maxon, Humboldt Beer Works, Mary Bullwinkel, Jaime Graves, Lehrin and Alissa Morey, Sean Pitney, Jon and Amy O'Connor, Bill Lyon, Greg Williston, Kimberly Huggins, Stephen Rice, Kasey Sirkin, Carly Marino, Cheryl Conner, Heather Watkins, Jessica McKnight & James Hitchcock, John and Karen Severn, Elaine Williams, Duane Edward Flatmo, Adam Cohen, Louis Hoiland, Mark & Rachel Jacobson, Brittney Cohen, Josh Smith, Joe MacTurk, Shaun Cordes, Cary Knudson, David and Anita Beers, Kenny and Breanna Lien, Nick & Brandie Jones, Iain Macdonald, Torrance Haynes, Booney, Just Jodi, Tammy W., Nathaniel Letcher, Carson and Marcia Brady, Eric Marxmiller, Corin Balkovek, Courtney Bishop, Cliff Johnson, Nicile, Michelle, Tina Garrett, Sara Neff Harrison, Cpomranke, Al Bernat, Shelby Shapiro, Montel Vander Horck III, Meghan & Matt Gruss, Angel Wolf, Carlotta Haumeder, Alice Finen, Robin Langer, Ronald Sansone, Jay Dirkse, Prue Needham, Rosa Dixon and Milia Lando, Mike Pistoia, Kelsey Sluss, Mason Glidden, Alan Whiteside, Nick Downey, Sarah Brown, Matt Zytkoskee, Annette Rasmussen, Mike, Tara, Locally Delicious, Inc,, Chris Larsen, Rebecca Salstrom, John O'Neil, Amy Jester, Kelly Koptieff, Serrina Chapman, Janine Melzer, Stephanie Perrett, Michael Fratkin, MD, Jay Bradish, Tina Morey, Yara Hailey, Judy Davis, Melea Burke, Trinia, Michelle Bezek, Beth Deibert, Bob Doran, William Correll, Kim Davis, Nat Fladager, Paul Wells, Sandra Nakashima, Peter Stringall, Jeff and Gita Zeitler, Gretta Perlmutter, S & J Berube, Lacey Caughey, Rosie Deck, Gleye & Lurtz, Paul and Laura, Sara Morgan,, Alyssa Morales, Katie and Clinton Strouse, Linda Nesbitt, Heather Pendery, Monica Topping and Gabe Pressure, Amanda Gates, Collett Fenske/ Humboldt Honey, Jen Campbell, Erin Slattery, Melissa Reneski, Coco Sanders, Doug Felden, The Canter Family, Mark R. Ahrens, Sarah & Nick Mariuz, Jay & Tracy Nord, Javier Dominguez, Patryce Britton, Brooke Haskell, Jay Mead, Dave Franklin, Cassie and Kevin Naset, Claudia Guerreo, Johnny Boy Brewery, Pat" Bellefeuille, Zachary Ruiz, Leandro de Lange, Derek Weatherbee, Ann Youmans, The Briggs Family, Jo & David Roe, Charles Johnson, Michelle Bacigaluppi, Melissa Cook, Mary Ann Harlan, Christian Guillén, Alissa Bernstein, Noah Billings, Debbie Topping, Monique Ortega, Sean and Delanie Lyles, FRIEND IN CHEESE JAM CO/ TABITHA, Jason Barnes, The Wilson Family, Jean Guthrie and Sons, Sarah and Delmar Tompkins, James Butcher, Carol Goodwyn, Gary Gergowicz, Coco Martini, Cliff Griffis, Janette Bianco, Eric Simpson, Gregg Marxmiller, Rebecca Stamos, Amy and Steve Bohner, Hal Grotke, Elizabeth Brown, Craig Perrone, Gary Gergowicz, Antonio Llanos, Albert Brown, Deb and Mark Simpson, Erica, Malcolm DeSoto, Ron Kuhnel

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